10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (2023)

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (1)

Indian traditional wear has a different charm that makes the style so much in demand. Indian ethnic wear is such an elegant fashion that people willingly opt for it for various occasions, even foreigners. Irrespective of age or reason of the gathering, people like to deck up in the vibrant colors our ethnic wear offers.

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Changing fashion needs to call for an upgrade, even of ethnic wear. In recent times traditional wear has become more accessible and fashionable, suiting the choice of most. Online shopping is a platform that enables people to indulge in their shopping spree easily. It is a very convenient accommodation without the pains of crowds, sweat, and jam.

In this article, we will list the top 10 websites to buy Indian ethnic wear from. The unending need for traditional wear calls for top-notch sites that serve the demands of high fashion. Read on to find out which website suits your fashion taste.

1. Tjori

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (2)

Tjori is a new and unique online shopping platform particular to ethnic wear. It is an online brand that brings together customers and artists from across India and around the world. Their holistic approach to uplift the distinctive style of traditional wear has caught the attention of many customers. Tjori has a versatile collection serving the needs of most of its customers successfully. Their kid’s and men’s collections are also very charming.

For those who like their ethnic wear, trendy and comfortable, try out Tjori for your new traditional collections. Tjori will help jazz up your ethnic look with their dynamic collection.

2. Biba

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (3)

Biba is not exclusively an online fashion brand, but they do provide online services. It is a label famous for its spunky women’s ethnic wear collection. The brand name has existed for some time now, and Biba has effectively proven its mark with skilled professionalism for serving its customers. Their modern take on the Indo-Western style has made many women stop and buy from their stores. Given the current pandemic situation, their online service has kept shopping enthusiasts busy. Biba is purely a women’s clothing brand, and their little girls’ collection is also a definite try.

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Biba’s comprehensive collection is funky and vibrant. Their sequence works, embroidery, and tasteful colors coordinate the entire look. The Indo-Western stylization helps working women choose Biba more often.

3. Global Desi

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (4)

Global Desi is an affluent contemporary ethnic wear brand, much like the name suggests. The label is also not exclusively online and has numerous offline stores. Their online venture helps sustain the demands of rising customers. Global Desi is “a vibrant and free-spirited brand of the boho-chic ensemble,” as reads their description. Their aesthetic collection catches the eye of many modern traditional wear lovers. This brand is also women only. They offer a wide range of ethnic wear. Sarees, Kurtis, and sundresses in the ethnic style are patents of Global Desi.

The ladies who like to go boho for their outings will love the Global Desi collection. Their colorful variant options spoil a girl to choose one from the other.

4. W for Women

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (5)

W for Women is another long-running contender of brands providing choice-able ethnic wear for women. It has many offline stores around the nation and has an equally successful online store. The theme of their fashion is mix-and-match, and their range of daily wear and festive wear is very tasteful. They provide options for a wide range of stylish Kurtis and also fancy ethnic prints dresses.

Their online store has made it easier for ladies to avail their products. The intelligent choice that W provides is very suitable for working women also.

5. Indya

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (6)

The House of Indya is available both online and offline. Indya’s products are top-class designer fashion with Bollywood star Shraddha Kapoor as their brand ambassador. The motto of the label’s products is modern-ethnic wear. The diverse options available in this store caters to the need for different tastes and choices. Their gorgeous and trendy take on ethnic wear has made them launch online to reach their global customers.

Indya is a brand that promises high-quality designs and materials for its products. Their vivid range of festive wear will surely catch your eyes.

6. Suta Bombay

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (7)

Instagram is one of the OTT platforms that has launched some budding entrepreneurs who specialize in ethnic wear. Suta Bombay is one such online store that reflects beautifully on Instagram. Suta is a quintessentially saree store. Their collection, though, is highly fashionable. Sujata and Tanya launched their brand and are now one of the leading online stores that fulfill modern demands for the traditional six yards.

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Suta Bombay experiments with various hues, patterns, and designs on sarees, and their friendly price range adds to their charm. Ladies who like a chic and minimal look when draping a saree, definitely check out Suta Bombay’s online store. You will be spoilt for choices.

7. Chakori Ethnic

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (8)

Chakori Ethnic is another online store with its success reflecting on its Instagram page. Its forte is also a wide variety of sarees. They provide an equally tasteful minimalist and gorgeous designs of sarees. Their collection is at par with modern demands. Chakori Ethnic delivers the right aesthetic vibes with their products that most women crave from ethnic wear.

Chakori Ethnic provides delectable choices for official and festive wear sarees. Their Instagram page beautifully highlights their successful journey of customer satisfaction.

8. Keyah Label

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (9)

Keyah Label is an online brand that has brought forward the new elegant take on ethnic wear. Their label focuses on sarees and functions formally through their Instagram and Facebook handles. Keyah Label successfully brings back the nostalgia all Indian girls have of draping their mothers and grandmothers’ saree and dupatta. Their simple designs and comfortable fabric make the perfect choice for any formal event or festive gathering.

Keyah Label is yet to launch its official website, but its online store is flourishing via Instagram and Facebook. Young and adult women can quickly get their hands on these beautiful sarees by using social media platforms.

9. Margazhii

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (10)

Margazhii is a brand that offers both eye-soothing and comfortable sarees. They use tonal shades to create a balmy effect on the beholder and the wearer. They, too, are active on Instagram handling their customers successfully both through their website and social media page. The Margazhii brand’s social media handles and website bonus is their trendy combination of pairing Indian ethnic wear with statement silver jewelry.

Ladies who would like to get aesthetic prints and colored sarees, do check out Margazhii’s website. They also provide ideas on how to deck up in the six yards gorgeously and have a comfortable experience in it.

10. Jaypore

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (11)

Jaypore is an Indian ethnic wear brand that takes pride in weaving traditional designs in contemporary cuts. This online store runs a robust website that curates traditional products ranging from handloom to personal care. Jaypore also has an equally eye-catchy men’s collection on their site.

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11. Craftsvilla

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (12)

Craftsvilla is all about becoming a classic in a world full of trends. Manoj and Monica Gupta founded Craftsvilla in 2011 to sell ethnic clothes and accessories on their eCommerce platform.

Craftsvilla.com utilizes a marketplace concept to capture India’s cultural diversity. They connect local artisans and designers directly to worldwide clients, thereby increasing their income, eliminating intermediaries, assisting them in the creation and promotion of their brands, and preserving culture, traditions, and values. This voyage, according to the brand, would not only benefit Indian creatives but will also allow customers to discover and purchase things that they would not be able to do otherwise.

12. Soch

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (13)

The clothing designed by Soch complements the successes of today’s cosmopolitan woman at work, at home, and in leisure.

Soch is an unapologetic assortment of prints, colours, designs, and textiles that celebrates life and creation. Soch seeks to constantly update its line with fresher designs and outfits while blending years of traditions in an essence unmatched by any other brand. It has pioneered the term ‘fashion’ in the Indian ethnic setting, thanks to its high-quality hand-picked textiles, distinctive use of colours, complex embroidery, and beautifully rich Indian aesthetic. Soch offers an exclusive range of ethnic wear fashioned to perfection using the finest fabrics such as cotton, chiffon, crepe, silk, brocade, voile, and mixes obtained from various parts of India.

13. Fabindia

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (14)

Fabindia is India’s largest private marketplace for products manufactured with traditional techniques, skills, and hand-based processes.

Fabindia connects over 55,000 rural craft producers to modern metropolitan markets, building a foundation for skilled, long-term rural employment while also preserving India’s traditional handicrafts. Fabindia’s garments are handwoven and made from hand-printed fabrics, and the company’s products appeal to clients on an aesthetic level. Fabindia’s products are categorised as totally organic, in-conversion, or natural.

14. Chidiyaa

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (15)

Chidiyaa is for the free-spirited, for those who use clothing to express themselves.

Chidiyaa is motivated by a desire to preserve Indian crafts and traditions. They believe in the beauty of handcrafted goods, where each item reflects the particular individuality of the artists they collaborate with. Chidiyaa’s mission is to unearth Indian history and take its customers on a fashion journey rich in storey, spirit, and legacy.

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Chidiyaa maintains a classic silhouette while paying close attention to the fineness of the cloth utilised. The prints and weaves are created in-house and sourced from craftsmen in villages across India. Chidiyaa aims to provide you with age-old crafts with a niche, from exquisite hand blocks from the desert of Kutch to timeless weaves from Andra and regal silks from Banaras.

15. Libas

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (16)

Libas Impex, defined as young, stylish and modern, is a fashion brand that conveys the tale of a new generation of Indian women that are free-spirited, independent, and aware. Libas’ ongoing goal is to offer a contemporary, stylish, and lively variety of ethnic and fusion apparel that is meticulously picked in accordance with global fashion trends.
They specialise in kurtas, but they also provide a large selection of bottom wear and dupattas that you may mix and match to create your ideal combination.

16. TheiaScape

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (17)

Loomers and weavers are the final remains of the unmechanised era that valued craftsmanship above all else. They are the last defenders of traditional Indian weave craftsmanship, which still uses handlooms to create the sarees of our dreams.

The objective of TheiaScape was to find and give a speciality platform for all of the colourful local arts and handicrafts that resonate with our culture. As a result, when one selects Handloom, they are choosing legacy over all else. Their weaves, trinkets, and lifestyle products are all handcrafted, eco-friendly, and fashion-forward, as envisioned and innovated by the most outstanding artisans across the subcontinent.

Each saree, according to TheiaScape, has its own set of facts and a unique tale to tell.

17. Vimor

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online (18)

Vimor, which means ‘pure,’ is a brand inspired by India’s handloom history. They’ve been designing and making magnificent, real, one-of-a-kind, exclusive handwoven sarees for more than half a century.

They are a brand that represents the resurgence of the time-honoured art of handloom saree design. The resurrection of traditional styles has been the focus of their efforts to create and sustain handloom saree weavers. All of their revival sarees are from Vimor’s own collection or from sarees donated by consumers. Handloom textiles are our collective history, and every woman should be able to afford and possess a piece of it, according to Vimor.

In today’s technological world, websites and OTT social media platforms are excellent sources of shopping hassle-free. These online stores are running efficiently by providing customers with satisfactory products. The stores take pride in hosting vivid options in ethnic wear that make their customers return for more. For those gearing up to revamp your traditional wear closet, do give these stores a try. You might be pleasantly surprised to find the exact products you were searching for all this time.

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For people who like to indulge in traditional wear with a contemporary take, do try out the Jaypore label. Their broad collection of ethnic wear will indeed have choices for you to pick.

In today’s technological world, websites and OTT social media platforms are excellent sources of shopping hassle-free. These online stores are running efficiently by providing customers with satisfactory products. The stores take pride in hosting vivid options in ethnic wear that make their customers return for more. For those gearing up to revamp your traditional wear closet, do give these stores a try. You might be pleasantly surprised to find the exact products you were searching for all this time.


Which is the best Indian shopping site for ethnic wear? ›

10 Best Websites to Buy Indian Ethnic Wear Online
  • Jaypore.
  • Craftsvilla.
  • Soch.
  • Fabindia.
  • Chidiyaa.
  • Libas.
  • TheiaScape.
  • Vimor.
Jan 6, 2022

Which site is best for Indian dresses? ›

10 Best websites to buy Indian Ethnic Wear online:
  • Indya. ...
  • Global Desi. ...
  • Libas. ...
  • Peachmode. ...
  • Rustorange. ...
  • Jaipuri Adaah. ...
  • Bunaai. ...
  • Rangpur. From Potlis, Mojaris to Dresses, Lehengas, Designer suits and beautiful Sarees; Rangpur covers it all.

Which shopping app is best for ethnic wear? ›

Besides being one of the best apps for ethnic dresses, Myntra is also known for its widest range of western wear, formals, casuals and a host of other categories.
  • Neeru's. ...
  • Cbazaar. ...
  • Peachmode. ...
  • Ajio. ...
  • FabAlley. ...
  • Shoppers Stop. ...
  • Manyavar. ...
  • Myntra.
Apr 29, 2022

Where can I get trendy clothes online in India? ›

India's Most Stylish Online Shopping Site, Limeroad.com, Brings You the Best Trends of the Season. Limeroad.com is the best online shopping site for all you fashionable women and men who never let style slip away.

Is Utsav Fashion trustworthy? ›

The product is high quality with the perfect price including shipping charges. I recommend Utsav Fashion for maintaining the quality of the product and delivering the product right on the promised date of delivery. Thanks. Oct 7, 2022.

What is the most popular Indian clothing? ›

Traditional Indian clothing for women in the north and east are saris worn with choli tops; a long skirt called a lehenga worn with choli and a dupatta scarf to create an ensemble called a ghagra choli; or shalwar kameez suits, while many south Indian women traditionally wear sari and children wear pattu langa.

What is the latest Indian fashion? ›

Dreamlike gradients and lush fabrics such as satin, muslin, organza, and cotton rule the roost. Vintage embroideries, stitch-line embellishments and textural surface design are at the forefront of the latest fashion trends in India at the moment.

Is indya a good brand? ›

Indya is a dependable and talented designer brand that ensures client happiness by using high-quality fabrics and keeping the bride-to-vision be's and needs in mind.

What can I do with old Indian clothes? ›

If you desperately need to make space in your closet, here are a few suggestions of what to do with old desi clothes:
  • Arrange a Clothes Drive event. You have a lot of desi clothes lying around? ...
  • put shadi joras to good use. ...
  • fun swap tea. ...
  • contact local organizations. ...
  • Use social media.
May 2, 2017

Is Biba an Indian brand? ›

BIBA, a synonym for pretty women in Punjabi, is a home-grown fashion brand, started by Mrs. Meena Bindra in 1988. Since then, it has become synonymous with ethnic wear in India.

Is Peachmode an Indian company? ›

Where is Peachmode 's headquarters? Peachmode is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India .

Who is the owner of Biba? ›

Biba Fashion is an Indian fashion brand for women and girls founded by Meena Bindra in 1988 from her home in New Delhi, India. It has more than 150 brand outlets and 225 multi-brand outlets. Biba recorded sales of INR 600 crore in 2014-15.

Which app is best for buying clothes in India? ›

Best Online Shopping Apps
  • Flipkart. Online shopping wouldn't be the same in the Indian market without Flipkart. ...
  • Ajio. When talking about clothing and fashion accessories, Ajio is the service that often comes to mind. ...
  • Myntra. A true fashion fanatic knows what Myntra offers to its customers. ...
  • Nykaa. ...
  • TataCliq. ...
  • LimeRoad.
May 11, 2022

Which is the best website for online dress shopping? ›

No matter your budget, occasion, or personal style, these are the best sites for buying dresses online.
  • Best Overall: Lulus. Buy on Lulus. ...
  • Best for Occasions: Revolve. ...
  • Best Perks: Nordstrom. ...
  • Best Variety: Asos. ...
  • Most Sustainable: Reformation. ...
  • Best Budget: Amazon. ...
  • Best for Weddings: Anthropologie. ...
  • Best for Going Out: Nasty Gal.
Sep 8, 2022

Which is the cheapest shopping site in India? ›

1) Amazon India

It is important for you to know that Amazon was ranked topmost as the cheapest online shopping site in India. The app allows customers to even shop from the partner stores too, which means that you can shop your favorite brands in discounted prices sitting at home.

Is Indianweddingsaree com a trusted website? ›

Overview. Indian Wedding Saree has a consumer rating of 4.05 stars from 480 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

Why is Koovs not working? ›

The decision by the administrators follows the failure of the largest shareholder in the company, Future Lifestyle Fashion, to come up with investments it had committed to bring in. Future Lifestyle was to have made an investment of $8.34 million into Koovs to revive it. Future Lifestyle did not make this investment.

What is a sari and how is it worn? ›

The sari (often spelled 'saree'), is a garment traditionally worn in India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. It can be an heirloom passed down through generations, or a purely functional garment worn everyday. It's seen on streets and runways, and has influenced fashion designers across the world.

What do you wear to an Indian wedding ceremony? ›

As a guest at an Indian wedding, you are encouraged to wear bright and colorful clothes. Vibrant blue, mint green, orange, and bright pink are good choices of colors. The only color you should avoid is red since the bride would be wearing red at one of the main events.


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