Best Small Business Wholesale Suppliers & Vendors 2022 (2023)

These days, it’s possible to buy just about anything in bulk. From the shelves of your local Costco to online wholesale for small businesses, you can find anything you need for less than retail prices. A reliable wholesale supplier can also help streamline your business operations, allowing you more time to focus on building customer relations.

The process seems simple: buy wholesale, mark up the prices, and sell for profit. No need to involve yourself in the manufacturing or distribution process. The problem is that the process of finding the best wholesale vendor for your small business can be stressful. Not all vendors are verified, and without prior experience, it’s difficult to know which wholesale supplier is right for your business.

In our guide to the top small business wholesale suppliers, you’ll learn about the best options on the market today. We’ll compare them for you, so all you have to do is identify the best fit for your business needs.

What is a wholesale supplier?

A wholesale supplier is a B2B company that sells products in large quantities at a discounted rate. Although some of them manufacture the wholesale products they sell, not all do. The businesses that buy from wholesale vendors then turn around and sell the products to consumers for profit. In short, a wholesale supplier is in the business of selling, and you’re in the business of reselling.

There are two kinds of wholesale supply methods: traditional wholesale and dropshipping.

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Traditional wholesale is the more hands-on approach. Your business purchases from the vendor (or manufacturer) who ships you your order. It’s then up to you to store your inventory until a customer makes a purchase, at which point you must find, pack, and ship the item to its final destination.

Dropshipping, on the other hand, has been around since the days of mail-order catalogs. It’s a way to rapidly ship out client orders and simplify inventory by cutting out the intermediary steps of the shipping process. Rather than delivering the product from the supplier to your business to the consumer, the product is shipped directly from supplier to consumer. Dropshipping has revolutionized the e-commerce industry, taking fulfillment concerns out of the hands of small business owners. You’ll never have to worry about keeping products in stock, and your customers can enjoy the convenience of fast, reliable shipping.

In 2021, there are 2.14 billion digital buyers in the world, or over a quarter of the world’s population. That’s as good a sign as any to jump on the e-commerce bandwagon with the assistance of either traditional wholesale vendors or dropshipping. Let’s take a closer look at the top wholesale vendors for small businesses.

Compare the best wholesale suppliers

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Best wholesale vendors for small businesses

Now that you have an overview of what each vendor offers, let’s dive into a more in-depth summary of their services and differentiators.

Best Small Business Wholesale Suppliers & Vendors 2022 (1)
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Alibaba: Best for merchandise affordability

Chinese company AliExpress, whose B2B marketplace is known as Alibaba, has made a name for itself as an affordable wholesale supplier. The company ships worldwide with no order minimum and is renowned for offering a vast wholesale product selection. YouTuber Brett Conti even used Alibaba to source the materials necessary to build a six-figure clothing business out of his college dorm room. It’s a cheap, fast option for entrepreneurs anywhere.

One of the main drawbacks of using Alibaba is that there is little quality control or verification of vendors. That means that you might not be getting exactly what you think you’re ordering. When doing wholesale business with Alibaba, it’s recommended you order from several vendors before deciding who your long-term supplier will be.


  • Some of the widest product variety you’ll find on the internet
  • Budget-friendly
  • 24/7 live chat available for a smooth buying and selling experience
  • Competitive financing options with e-credit
Best Small Business Wholesale Suppliers & Vendors 2022 (2)

Amazon Business: Best for analytics

Amazon is one of the giants of online marketplaces, with thousands of quality vendors to choose from. In order to participate in wholesale transactions with Amazon Business, though, you’ll need to sign up for an account. In exchange, you’re guaranteed access to a comprehensive list of verified wholesale manufacturers and suppliers. Unfortunately, the platform is only available to businesses based in the U.S., Germany, and Japan, so it’s not the best option for international business ventures.

One of our top picks for small business owners, Amazon Business offers discount programs and flexible payment options that make it stand out from the crowd. While the site sells products across industries, we’ve found it’s ideal for businesses seeking restaurant, beauty, or office supplies.



  • Amazon’s name carries reliability and trustworthiness
  • They take care to verify vendors
  • Business and bulk discounts are available
  • Unrivaled budgeting tools
  • Best for office, restaurant, beauty, IT, and medical supplies
Best Small Business Wholesale Suppliers & Vendors 2022 (3)

SaleHoo: Best for buyer resources

Whether you’d rather work with manufacturers, wholesalers, or dropshippers, you can find it all on SaleHoo. The platform allows you to search by supplier or product, making it easy to find dependable suppliers within your business niche. SaleHoo boasts over 8,000 verified companies on its platform and is easy to integrate with e-commerce platforms like Shopify.

You won’t have to hunt for a reliable supplier because the company has already done it for you. SaleHoo also makes it easy for users to educate themselves through training courses and customer support solutions. The platform helps over 137,000 businesses find suppliers, including Becky Beach, who made $100,000 in sales her first year dropshipping.


  • Excellent resources to help you boost profits and sell wholesale products
  • An easy-to-use interface with suppliers, products, and training all in one place
  • Ability to easily integrate the platform with eBay, Etsy, Shopify, Amazon, and more
  • A rigorous screening process for suppliers
  • Money-back guarantee
Best Small Business Wholesale Suppliers & Vendors 2022 (4)

Wholesale Central: Best free subscription option

The next contender on the list offers a free platform where business owners can connect with wholesale vendors. But to access the entirety of their catalog, it’s first necessary to sign up for the free premium service by entering your email address, which is common practice amongst wholesale dropshipping directories.

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Wholesale Central adds new distributors to its site every day and even makes it simple to find the day’s top deals (which are approved by Wholesale Central itself). The website is user-friendly and is diligent about monitoring complaints against vendors and removing them from the site if necessary.


  • Completely free to use
  • Helpful tools to source new products and suppliers
  • Simple and easy-to-navigate website
Best Small Business Wholesale Suppliers & Vendors 2022 (5)

Global Sources: Best for online merchants

For over 50 years, Global Sources has been a premier platform, connecting businesses with verified suppliers. Global Sources’ nearly 200,000 vendors are mostly based in China and sell millions of items across 22 product categories.

The site is an excellent place to find unique wares that might not be available elsewhere. That’s because the company seeks out new suppliers at its trade shows and helps them break into the wholesale market. With the goal of uniting manufacturers and importers, Global Sources’ main aim is to drive global trade.


  • Decades of experience in the export and selling market
  • Focuses on high-quality products and reliable suppliers
  • Best for sourcing electronics, fashion, and gifts

Choosing the best wholesale suppliers for your business

The list we’ve compiled here is but a small sampling of the thousands of small business wholesale suppliers and platforms on the internet today. We’ve mainly focused on large platforms with millions of product options so that business owners of all kinds are sure to find an option that suits their needs. There are also niche suppliers that focus on particular kinds of merchandise, like JGoodin for wholesale jewelry accessories and CC Wholesale Clothing for apparel.

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In addition, you’ll need to consider the pros and cons of working directly with manufacturers and choosing dropshipping. Perhaps you feel more comfortable interfacing with wholesale suppliers rather than manufacturers, or maybe it’s too early for your business to adopt dropshipping practices. Either way, every business is unique, and the way yours operates will determine its future success.

By 2023, B2B e-commerce is projected to hit $1.8 trillion and account for 17% of all American B2B sales. Choosing your supplier is just as important as formulating a business marketing strategy, and it should be treated with the same amount of time and care. From shipping times to subscription prices, it’s all about identifying your must-have features and narrowing down the competition from there. At the end of the day, the customer is king, and wholesale suppliers allow you to find the best merchandise on the market to satisfy your customers.


What are the best wholesale product? ›

Below are six of the most profitable wholesale product ideas.
  1. Clothing and apparel. The global market for clothing and apparel is huge and still growing. ...
  2. Luxury and designer items. ...
  3. Jewelry. ...
  4. Electronics. ...
  5. Beauty and self-care products. ...
  6. Pet Supplies.
23 Jun 2022

How do I find my local wholesale vendor? ›

Other options for finding wholesale suppliers include: Going to an industry trade show and connecting with wholesale suppliers in person. Joining social media groups for your niche and talking shop with other merchants. Joining trade organizations for your product to see if any names come up.

Is it better to buy wholesale or from vendor? ›

There is a big difference between a wholesaler and retailer. The basic difference being you can purchase your product of same quality at a much cheaper price from a wholesaler than what a retailer will offer you. So don't think twice and look for a reputed wholesaler for purchasing products for your business needs.

Which platform is best for wholesale? ›

10+ Best Wholesale eCommerce Platforms for B2B Business
  1. Magento.
  2. Shopify.
  3. BigCommerce.
  4. WooCommerce.
  5. 3DCart.
  6. PrestaShop.
  7. SuitCommerce.
  8. XCart.

What sells very well? ›

  • The best products to sell online in 2022.
  • Consumer electronics and accessories.
  • Baby and child care.
  • Pets and animal care.
  • Travel accessories.
  • Jewelry and fashion accessories.
  • Health and beauty.
  • Smartphone accessories.
24 Feb 2022

What item sells the most? ›

What products are most profitable to sell?
  • Beauty products and cosmetics.
  • Jewelry.
  • TV and smartphone accessories.
  • Designer sunglasses.
  • Children's toys and games.
  • Shoes.
  • Video games.
  • Pet supplies.

What is the difference between wholesaler and distributor? ›

A distributor works closely with a manufacturer in order to sell more goods and gain better visibility on these goods. Distributors find wholesalers who will resale their products. A wholesaler works more closely with retailers to match their needs through buying products in bulk at a discount.

How do I find local suppliers with high demand products? ›

Going to trade shows, asking for referrals, and joining professional networks are three examples of conventional ways to connect with suppliers. You can also find a supplier through reverse sourcing. Start by zeroing in on products that are in high demand, then locate suppliers who can provide you with those products.

Can I buy directly from manufacturers? ›

Depending on the business and type of products, most of the manufacturers won't sell products in small quantities. So, it won't be possible for an individual consumer to buy directly from the manufacturer. In that case, you should go to the distributor (who purchases products in bulk) to buy the product you need.

How do you research new vendors or suppliers? ›

6 Factors of Considering a New Supplier
  1. Finding a Supplier. A great place to start is generally online. ...
  2. Negotiating Price and Value. This is critically important. ...
  3. Reliability. Reliability should be another key consideration for choosing suppliers. ...
  4. Stability. ...
  5. Location. ...
  6. Cultural Fit.
16 Dec 2017

Where do businesses buy their products? ›

Generally, though, a retailer will go through a wholesaler or a B2B wholesale marketplace to get goods. This is because manufacturers typically focus their budgets on manufacturing, not on marketing—that's what distributors and wholesalers are for.

How do I get in contact with suppliers? ›

Talking to vendors in the right way can change the quality of that relationship, so keep the following in mind.
  1. Be informed. ...
  2. Straight talk. ...
  3. Ask questions. ...
  4. Give your vendor time to answer. ...
  5. Broach the money subject. ...
  6. Set clear expectations. ...
  7. Address issues. ...
  8. Don't ask for the impossible.
30 Oct 2018

What percentage off is wholesale usually? ›

Set your wholesale price

Apparel retail brands typically aim for a 30% to 50% wholesale profit margin, while direct-to-consumer retailers aim for a profit margin of 55% to 65%. (A margin is sometimes also referred to as “markup percentage.”)

Is Etsy good for wholesale? ›

So for many sellers, Etsy Wholesale is a better choice. While your website is the home of your online store and brand, Etsy Wholesale is a great place to validate products and see what sells, scale and reach new customers and audiences.

Can a normal person buy wholesale? ›

The only legal way to buy wholesale without a license is if you're a consumer. If you're a customer of a business that resells wholesale goods to the public, this is not a problem. There are hundreds of wholesale businesses that simply import goods and turn them around at a profit.

What is the number 1 selling platform? ›

Amazon. With over 6 million marketplace sellers and more than 214 million U.S. shoppers per month, Amazon is the largest ecommerce marketplace in the United States and one of the top-selling sites for vendors of every stripe.

What platform is the easiest to sell on? ›

The following are some of the most well-known online selling sites and can accommodate just about any item you might have.
  • Handshake. ...
  • Ruby Lane. ...
  • Etsy. ...
  • Chairish. ...
  • Swappa. ...
  • 10. Facebook Marketplace. ...
  • Craigslist. Basically just a forum, Craigslist is basic and easy to use. ...
  • Nextdoor. Similar to Craigslist, Nextdoor is about community.
4 days ago

How do I get the best price wholesale? ›

7 tips for negotiating the best deal with your suppliers
  1. Sell yourself as someone who will give them a lot of business. ...
  2. Think outside of the price box. ...
  3. Talk to multiple suppliers. ...
  4. Offer larger deposits for a bigger discount. ...
  5. Don't accept the first offer. ...
  6. Consider transferring all your business to one supplier.
27 May 2015

What is the most wanted product in 2022? ›

50 Top Trending Products to Sell Online At Your Ecommerce & Dropshipping Store in 2022
  • Laser Hair Removal Machines.
  • Portable Car Vacuum.
  • Baby Swings.
  • Matcha Tea.
  • Eyebrow Razor.
  • Seat Cushions.
  • Phone Tripod.
  • Portable Solar Panels.
25 Aug 2022

What are people buying right now 2022? ›

  • CBD Gummies. CBD Gummies Google Trend Graph.
  • Crypto Wallets. Crypto Wallets Google Trend Graph.
  • Car Camera. Car Camera Google Trend Graph.
  • Nespresso. Nespresso Google Trend Graph.
  • Water Filter. Water Filter Google Trend Graph.
  • Milk Warmer. Milk Warmer Google Trend Graph.
  • Athleisure. ...
  • Mattress.

What is the most profitable item to sell? ›

Some of the most profitable products that are sold online are:
  • Jewelry.
  • Beauty Products.
  • Bamboo Toothbrushes.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Watches.
  • Women's Apparel.
  • Fitness Equipment.
  • Yoga Leggings.
27 Oct 2022

What sells directly to customers? ›

Direct-to- consumer (DTC) is when a brand or manufacturer sells its own products to its end customers. The DTC retail model involves selling products without the help of third-party retailers or wholesalers. The DTC retail model is defined by: DTC brands managing their own product stock levels.

What sells for the most profit? ›

Below are some of the best products to sell online to make money in 2022.
  1. Jewelry. As far as unisex products go, jewelry is at the top. ...
  2. TV Accessories. ...
  3. Beauty Products. ...
  4. DVDs. ...
  5. Kids Toys. ...
  6. Video Games. ...
  7. Women's Boutique Apparel. ...
  8. Designer & Fashion Sunglasses.

What is easy to make and sell? ›

13 Easy Things To Make and Sell
  • Sweet Treats. Cookies and candies and cakes, oh my! ...
  • T-shirts. If you're not exceptionally creative, t-shirts may be the ideal things to make and sell. ...
  • Bath Bombs. People love artisan bath bombs. ...
  • Candles. ...
  • Jewelry. ...
  • Subscription Boxes. ...
  • Enamel Pins. ...
  • Lip Balm.
4 Jan 2022

What do people need the most? ›

Food, water, clothing, sleep, and shelter are the bare necessities for anyone's survival. For many people, these basic needs can not be met without the aid of charitable organizations. A reliable place to receive a meal can be what's needed for a person to focus on obtaining higher needs.

What can I buy in bulk and sell? ›

Let's dive into some popular wholesale items to buy in bulk to resell.
The Best Things To Buy In Bulk And Sell Individually
  • Bottled Water & Drinks. ...
  • Clothing. ...
  • Books. ...
  • Trading Cards. ...
  • Snacks & Candy. ...
  • Accessories. ...
  • Beauty Products. ...
  • Toys.
18 Aug 2022

Which is more profitable wholesale or retail? ›

Yet a wholesaler makes more money as he sells products in a higher quantity than a retailer who has to bear all the expenses of retail to sell one product at a time.

What are the 4 channels of distribution? ›

Distribution channels include wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and the Internet. In a direct distribution channel, the manufacturer sells directly to the consumer. Indirect channels involve multiple intermediaries before the product ends up in the hands of the consumer.

What comes first distributor or wholesaler? ›

A supply chain begins with the manufacturer, who produces the goods. A distributor then works with the manufacturer to promote and sell its products to other supply chain entities, either wholesalers or retailers. Once the product reaches retailers, consumers can purchase it.

How much do Amazon wholesalers make? ›

How Much Money Can You Make Selling Wholesale Goods on Amazon? It all depends on the products you choose to sell and how well you market them. Generally speaking, you can expect to earn anywhere from 10% to 50% profit on each sale. Therefore, if you sell a product for $10, your profits may fall between $1 and $5.

Where can I buy stuff to resell on Amazon? ›

  • 10 Inventory Sourcing Options for Amazon. Once you have an idea of what products to sell and how much you could make, it's time to figure out the best way to source them. ...
  • Retail Arbitrage. ...
  • Online Arbitrage. ...
  • Drop Shipping. ...
  • Wholesale. ...
  • Private (or White) Label. ...
  • B2B Marketplaces (Like ...
  • Auctions and Thrift Stores.
2 Oct 2020

Is Amazon wholesale profitable? ›

Profit potential

Well, selling items sourced via wholesale has huge profit potentials. You can find items with great return on investment (ROI) for resale on Amazon because you buy them at a low wholesale price, compared to what other sellers are getting by buying from retail sources.

How do I get a product from an idea to manufacture? ›

How to manufacture a product idea
  1. Develop your concept. After you discover a viable product idea, take some time to refine your concept. ...
  2. Conduct patent research. ...
  3. Research your idea's market. ...
  4. Design a model of the product. ...
  5. Build and test a prototype. ...
  6. File a patent application. ...
  7. Prepare a business plan. ...
  8. Gain funding.
11 Aug 2021

What is it called when you buy directly from the manufacturer? ›

"When a consumer purchases goods directly from the manufacture, it is referred to as buying factory direct, or making a direct buy.

What are the 4 types of suppliers? ›

4 Types of Material Suppliers and Their Impact on Your Business
  • MANUFACTURERS AND VENDORS. When you work with manufacturers and vendors, you're working with the source of the supply chain. ...
16 Feb 2017

What is a Tier 1 supplier? ›

Tier 1 Suppliers: These are direct suppliers of the final product. Tier 2 suppliers: These are suppliers or subcontractors for your tier 1 suppliers. Tier 3 suppliers: These are suppliers or subcontractors for your tier 2 suppliers.

What are the four 4 factors in choosing a right supplier? ›

Criteria for selecting a supplier
  • price.
  • value for money.
  • quality.
  • reliability.
  • responsiveness.
  • flexibility.

How do I find wholesale suppliers? ›

Here are seven tips on how to find wholesale suppliers for your retail business:
  1. Check Online Directories for Wholesale Suppliers. ...
  2. Attend Local & International Trade Shows. ...
  3. Subscribe to Your Industry's Trade Publications. ...
  4. Go to Google. ...
  5. Use the US Customs Database. ...
  6. Research Business Directories in Your Local Library.
27 Oct 2021

Who sells goods directly to the public? ›

A retailer sells products and services directly to the public in person, online, or through a combination of both. Retailers purchase goods from manufacturers and wholesalers and resell them to customers for a profit.

How do I find trusted suppliers? ›

13 Sourcing Tips To Identify New Quality Suppliers
  1. Check Certifications. ...
  2. Evaluate The Geo-Political Climate. ...
  3. Finding Reputable Suppliers On The Thomas Network. ...
  4. Gauge Financial Stability. ...
  5. Assess Weather-Related Risk. ...
  6. Align Manufacturing and Shipping Locations To Your Needs. ...
  7. Carefully Review Product Information.
4 Aug 2020

How do I contact a supplier for the first time? ›

Contact suppliers

That would be necessary for you to contact them, you can make a phone call and simply tell them you want to partner with them. You like their products. Ask if they have the data you need. If they have already known anything about drop shipping or no – if no, you can introduce them to it.

Who is the largest wholesale distributor? ›

The Top 200 - Meet 2015's 50 Largest Distributors
RankCompany NameNumber of Locations
1Sonepar North America934
2WESCO Distribution460
3Graybar Electric Co.260
4Rexel USA605
46 more rows
30 May 2015

What is a good percentage for wholesale? ›

Set your wholesale price

Apparel retail brands typically aim for a 30% to 50% wholesale profit margin, while direct-to-consumer retailers aim for a profit margin of 55% to 65%. (A margin is sometimes also referred to as “markup percentage.”)

Can you buy wholesale without reselling it? ›

To put it another way, if you buy wholesale without a license and resell the products individually, you'll be breaking the law in the US. It's worth noting that wholesale licenses are often referred to as a reseller's license, a reseller's permit, a reseller's certificate, or a sales tax permit.

How do I find clients for wholesale? ›

Increase Wholesale Sales
  1. Tap Into Your Existing Customer Base. ...
  2. Start an Email List. ...
  3. Invest In an SEO-Optimized eCommerce Platform. ...
  4. Launch a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign. ...
  5. Provide One-Time Deals for New Customers. ...
  6. Offer a Subscribe and Save Discount. ...
  7. Attend Trade Shows. ...
  8. Create a Referral Program.

What is a full line wholesale? ›

Full-line wholesaler means a drug wholesale distributor that sells nonprescription and prescription drugs.

What is the average markup for wholesale? ›

The average wholesale or distributor markup is 20%, although some go up as high as 40%. Now, it certainly varies by industry for retailers: most automobiles are only marked up 5-10% while it's not uncommon for clothing items to be marked up 100%.

Is it cheaper to buy wholesale or retail? ›

The wholesale price is lower than the retail price for a few reasons: Bulk purchases: Wholesalers sell bulk items to retailers for a lower cost to create a profit for their business. By ensuring a bulk order (often with a minimum purchase), wholesalers can reduce shipping and handling times and the overall cost.

What is the formula for wholesale pricing? ›

After all, the most common way to calculate your wholesale price is by simply dividing your retail price by half. Ideally, your costs should only take up 25% of your retail price, but keeping costs low can be tricky.

What is a typical wholesale fee? ›

The difference in prices is known as the wholesale fee and can be 5% to 10% of the property price. This goes to the wholesaler. Usually, wholesalers look for a distressed property that the owner doesn't want to spend time or money on.

Is selling wholesale worth it? ›

Wholesale products do best when the profit margins are already fairly solid, meaning they don't cost you much to make but sell well at a higher price. A good rule of thumb for wholesale pricing is to take whatever it costs you to make the product and double that amount.

What is standard wholesale price? ›

The wholesale price of a product is what a retail company pays for products to sell to consumers. Typically, the wholesale price shows on the products businesses purchase as bulk prices. As an example, assume a company pays $2,500 for a wholesale purchase of small key chains to sell on retail.

Is wholesaling still profitable in 2022? ›

With so many entrepreneurs trying to break into real estate, some people are wondering: is wholesaling homes still profitable in 2022? In short, yes. Times may be changing, but wholesaling homes remains a lucrative and increasingly popular method of investing in real estate.

What is the 70% rule in wholesaling? ›

The 70% rule can help flippers when they're scouring real estate listings for potential investment opportunities. Basically, the rule says real estate investors should pay no more than 70% of a property's after-repair value (ARV) minus the cost of the repairs necessary to renovate the home.

What should you not do when wholesaling? ›

Real estate wholesaling does not have room on the way to the bottom line for these five mistakes:
  • Mistake #1: Not Understanding Your Market.
  • Mistake #2: Not Understanding Your Buyers.
  • Mistake #3: Poor End-to-End Due Diligence.
  • Mistake #4: Complacency When It Comes to Your Buyer(s)
11 Mar 2019


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