Top 10 Greatest Celine Dion Love Songs (2023)

Mare has been a big Celine Dion fan since childhood. She is familiar with her English and French songs and loves listening to them.

Top 10 Greatest Celine Dion Love Songs (1)

How Did Celine Dion Get Her Start?

When it comes to love songs, Celine Dion was the queen of the '90s. Born in Canada to a large but humble family of music lovers, Celine rose to fame as a teen after winning the 1988 Eurovision Song Contest.

After signing a contract in the U.S., she debuted her first English album, Unison, which established her as a pop star. Since then, she has released numerous love songs that have become well known all over the world. Her legacy continues to this day. In this article, we will explore Celine Dion's very best songs.

10 Greatest Celine Dion Love Songs

  1. "My Heart Will Go On"
  2. "The Power of Love"
  3. "I Surrender"
  4. "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"
  5. "Think Twice"
  6. "To Love You More"
  7. "Where Does My Heart Beat Now"
  8. "Because You Loved Me"
  9. "I Love You"
  10. "Only One Road"
Top 10 Greatest Celine Dion Love Songs (2)

1. "My Heart Will Go On"

Album: Let's Talk About Love

Release Year: 1997

We cannot deny the fact that Celine Dion's name is forever tied to Titanic. "My Heart Will Go On" will forever be remembered. The blockbuster film brought major success to the song, making it an international hit. It is also one of the bestselling singles of all time and the second bestselling single by a female artist in history. The song is included on her 1997 album, Let's Talk About Love.

Celine originally refused to record it after hearing the original song. She didn't want to make another song attached to a film, like what happened with Beauty and the Beast. Thankfully, she was convinced to do the recording. Amazingly, she recorded the song in just one take. Surprisingly, it was a tremendous success. Later, Celine said that "My Heart Will Go On" gave her the opportunity to be associated with "a classic that will live forever."

More than ten years have passed, but today, "My Heart Will Go On" is still a popular song that you'll still hear on the radio every now and then. Now, she is one of the richest musicians and top-earning women in the music industry. Her net worth is over $430 million.

Near, far, wherever you are

I believe that the heart does go on

Once more you open the door

And you're here in my heart…

— Celine Dion, "My Heart Will Go On"

2. "The Power of Love"

Album: The Colour of My Love

Release Year: 1993

Originally recorded by American singer Jennifer Rush in 1984, "The Power of Love" has been covered by many artists, including Celine Dion. Her version of the song became her first U.S. number-one hit, which topped the Billboard Hot 100 for four weeks in February 1994. It was well-received and praised for being a powerful revival of the original. This version was undoubtedly the most popular among all others.

Produced by David Foster, this revision features Celine's vocals hitting the high notes effortlessly, showcasing one of the greatest '80s classics by an artist with the greatest voice of all time. It is an award-winning masterpiece and was Celine's signature hit (before "My Heart Will Go On"). It first appeared on her 1993 album, The Colour of My Love, but it's also included on most of her other albums. She performs it on all her tours, including her most recent and ongoing Courage World Tour.

The whispers in the morning

Of lovers sleeping tight

(Video) Celine Dion Greatest Hits - Best Songs

Are rolling by like thunder now

As I look in your eyes

— Celine Dion, "The Power of Love"

3. "I Surrender"

Album: Stone's Been Rolled Away

Release Year: 1993

"I Surrender" is a power ballad about passionately loving someone. Just like a burning fire, it expresses deep emotions of romantically wanting someone and being willing to give up everything in return. My favorite part is the chorus, which goes, "Cause I'd surrender everything, to feel the chance to live again…I'd hold you in my arms and never let go, I surrender."

It was released in 2002 on the album A New Day Has Come. During her Las Vegas concerts, Celine frequently performs the song "A New Day." It's truly a fan favorite. Because of the difficult high notes, it is a popular song choice for many talent show contestants and singing competitors. Many artists have tried singing this song live, but not everyone can pull it off. This just proves that she is definitely one of the greatest musicians of all time.

I surrender

I surrender

I wanna know you more

I wanna know you more…

— Celine Dion, "I Surrender"

4. "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"

Album: Falling Into You

Release Year: 1996

Inspired by Emily Bronte's novel Wuthering Heights, this song is a power ballad written by Jim Steinman. It was recorded by Celine for her album Falling Into You. It was a major success and an all-time fan favorite. The music video also features a woman passionately yearning for a long-lost love that haunts her.

Originally, the song had three major versions, but the most popular and successful was Celine's. According to the Sunday Times, Andrew Lloyd Webber told Steinman he thought this song was "the greatest love song ever written." And, after hearing the Celine version, he was reported as saying, "This will be the record of the millennium."

"It's All Coming Back to Me Now" is a remarkable song that Celine frequently performs live. Recently, she opened her 2019-2020 Courage World Tour (which began on September 18, 2019, in Quebec, Canada) with this incredible song.

But when you touch me like this

And you hold me like that

I just have to admit

That it's all coming back to me…

(Video) Top 10 Celine Dion Songs

— Celine Dion, "It's All Coming Back to Me Now"

5. "Think Twice"

Album: The Colour of My Love

Release Year: 1993

Celine Dion dominated the '90s with her powerful love songs. These songs portray strong feelings of love and longing. "Think Twice" is about a woman who begs her lover not to leave her. She asks him to think twice and not "close that door…for the sake of our love, for the memory, for the fire and the faith that was you and me."

It is a song that makes you feel like you're holding onto a lover, even if you don't have one! This song is full of passion. Celine definitely does not disappoint us with her songs, and this one deserves recognition for being a brilliant ballad.

It was a commercial success in the U.K. Later, it became number one all over Europe. The song became one of her most successful hits in Europe and Australia, topping multiple charts in Flemish Belgium, Ireland, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. The song also received an Ivor Novello Award for the Best Song Musically and Lyrically in 1995.

Don't say what you're about to say

Look back before you leave my life

Be sure before you close that door

Before you roll those dice…

— Celine Dion, "Think Twice"

6. "To Love You More"

Album: The Colour of My Love

Release Year: 1993

"To Love You More" is considered one of the best Celine Dion songs in Asia, particularly in Japan, where it was recorded for a popular Japanese TV drama series called Koibito yo (My Dear Lover). It was written by David Foster and Junior Miles.

The song is about a woman who asks her man not to leave her for another woman. She pleads, "I'm the one who wants to love you more," and shows him her intense love by saying, "she won't love you like I will, I'm the one who'll stay when she walks away, and you know I'll be standing here still."

In Japan, "To Love You More" remains the second bestselling song by an international artist and the bestselling single by an international female artist. It is also one of only three international songs that have sold more than one million copies. Today, her song is famous, not only in Japan but in other parts of Asia as well.

I'll be waiting for you

Here inside my heart

I'm the one who wants to love you more

You will see I can give you…

— Celine Dion, "To Love You More"

(Video) Celine Dion Full Album 2022 🎸 🎸 Celine dion greatest hits full album 2022 #1

7. "Where Does My Heart Beat Now"

Album: Unison

Release Year: 1990

Have you ever wondered if there's a '90s song about heartbreak? This is a song about loving someone who cannot be with you. "Where Does My Heart Beat Now" is an emotional ballad featuring Celine in her younger years with her superhuman voice. Celine is known for singing emotional love songs that we can all relate to. Even in her early years, she had already become a goddess of ballads.

It was first performed at the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest, together with her 1988 winning piece, the French song, "Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi." Everyone was stunned as they saw young Celine with an absolutely powerful voice. Let's admit it, almost nobody can sing like this! This song proves that she is indeed a true talent.

Later, the track was released on her first English album, Unison, in 1990. It was the most successful single from the Unison album and became her highest-charting English-language single at the time.

Where does my heart beat now?

Where is the sound

That only echoes through the night?

Where does my heart beat now?

— Celine Dion, "Where Does My Heart Beat Now"

8. "Because You Loved Me"

Album: Falling Into You

Release Year: 1996

"Because You Loved Me" is a very inspirational love song. It gives us the feeling of being grateful for the love that we have for that special someone. And, even if you haven't found the love of your life, it is a nice song to dedicate to a person to whom you are truly thankful.

The chorus has a nice line that goes, "I'm everything I am because you loved me," and that is one of the sweetest lyrics ever. "Because You Loved Me" was written by Diane Warren and produced by David Foster, perfecting it with Celine's angelic vocals and served as the theme song from the 1996 film Up Close and Personal.

As of April 2012, "Because You Loved Me" has sold 1,343,000 physical copies and 704,000 digital units, for a total of 2,047,000 copies. According to Billboard, it is her biggest Billboard Hot 100 hit, followed by "It's All Coming Back to Me Now," which is also from her album Falling Into You.

You were my strength when I was weak

You were my voice when I couldn't speak

You were my eyes when I couldn't see

You saw the best there was in me…

— Celine Dion, "Because You Loved Me"

9. "I Love You"

Album: Falling Into You

(Video) Celine Dion Greatest Hits Playlist 2021 - Best Songs Of Celine Dion - Best Love Songs Of Celine Dion

Release Year: 1996

"I Love You" is a 1996 track from her popular album Falling Into You. The song is mostly about confessing how much you love a person and hoping that they will tell you that they feel the same. The lyrics say that these three words "can change our lives forever" and with this word of confirmation she promises that "we will always be together, till the end of time." Like a happy ending in a fairy tale, the woman wants to live forever with the love of her life.

Everything about this song is beautiful, but it remains a question as to why Celine never performed this song live. She also never released a music video for the song. Nevertheless, it remains one of the most beautiful love songs ever written. It never gets old.

I must be crazy now

Maybe I dream too much

But when I think of you

I long to feel your touch…

— Celine Dion, "I Love You"

10. "Only One Road"

Album: The Colour of My Love

Release Year: 1993

This song tells us that finding the path to love isn't easy, but when you've found it, you will have to follow it, because there's only one road for you to take. "Only One Road" is from Celine's love-themed album, The Colour of My Love. Released in 1994, a black and white music video followed in 1995. The song's dramatic lyrics are perfectly portrayed through Celine's strong voice. The message it conveys is truly powerful and emotional.

From the get-go, this song makes us feel incredibly emotional. The lyrics, "I'm looking back through the years down this highway," bring up powerful memories. Losing her love is hard. She can't forget him. It's nearly impossible to move on because the woman says that she "can still hear the song of your laughter" and "can still taste the sorrow of your tears…We said 'Goodbye,' but our hearts did not hear."

Those lyrics perfectly match Celine's flawless vocals. It gained recognition as it topped the Canadian Adult Contemporary Chart and reached the top 10 in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

There is only one road I'm walkin'

Only one lifetime, one heart to guide me

Only one road I'm walkin'

But I'm gonna run back, I'm gonna run back…

— Celine Dion, "Only One Road"

That's All!

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Top 10 Greatest Celine Dion Love Songs (3)
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Jane on May 27, 2020:

Lovely love songs


What is Celine Dion's best selling love song of all time? ›

In 1997, she released the most-successful single of her career, "My Heart Will Go On". Serving as the love theme to the 1997 blockbuster motion picture, Titanic (also included on Let's Talk About Love), the single topped the charts across the world, and became Dion's signature song.

What are the top 5 love songs of all time? ›

The 20 Best Love Songs of All Time
  • “I Will Always Love You” (Twice)
  • “Heat Above”
  • “Can't Help Falling In Love”
  • “God Only Knows”
  • “Endless Love”
  • “When A Man Loves A Woman”
  • “First Day Of My Life”
  • “Take My Breath Away”
14 Feb 2022

What is the number 1 love song of all time? ›

1. "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston (1992)

What is Celine Dion's most famous song? ›

All by Myself” Made in 1996, All by myself is still Celine's biggest hit to this day, reaching number one in many countries back then. What is this? It became popular because of its powerful message of hope and perseverance in the face of loss.

What are 3 of Celine Dion's most streamed songs? ›

Céline Dion
  • Happy Xmas (War Is Over)112,598,179.
  • My Heart Will Go On - Love Theme from "Titanic"420,640,177.
  • Because You Loved Me (Theme from "Up Close and Personal")314,423,185.
  • It's All Coming Back to Me Now179,760,049.
  • The Power of Love139,085,706.

What song played at Celine Dion husband funeral? ›

As the casket was led from the church, with Dion following, her French recording of “For You to Still Love Me” played overhead as the mourners applauded.

Which song stayed number 1 for the longest? ›

Most weeks at number one
Number of weeksArtist(s)Song
16Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee featuring Justin Bieber"Despacito"
15Harry Styles"As It Was"
14Whitney Houston"I Will Always Love You"
Boyz II Men"I'll Make Love to You"
7 more rows

What is a good song for your soulmate? ›

17 Songs About Soulmates to Celebrate That Special Person in Your Life
  • Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran.
  • Crazy For You – Adele.
  • XO – John Mayer.
  • Come Away With Me – Norah Jones.
  • First Day of My Life – Bright Eyes.
  • As – Stevie Wonder / Mary J. ...
  • Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton.
  • Can't Help Falling in Love – Elvis Presley.
11 Oct 2022

What is the most played song of all time? ›

It was never a hit single and got almost no play on Top 40 radio. There's even a dispute over the exact title. Yet “It's a Small World,” also known as “It's a Small, Small World” and “It's a Small World (After All),” is very likely the most played song in music history — nearly 50 million times.

What is Celine Dion's favorite song? ›

In "Celine Dion:The Complete Biography" book, Lisa Peters mentions that Celine's favourite song is "It's all coming back to me now"!

What is the name of the most famous song? ›

51 Best Songs Of All Time (Famous & Iconic Songs)
  • “Smells Like Teen Spirit” – Nirvana. ...
  • “Billie Jean” – Michael Jackson. ...
  • “Stayin' Alive” – Bee Gees. ...
  • “I Will Survive” – Gloria Gaynor. ...
  • “Whole Lotta Love” – Led Zeppelin. ...
  • “Sweet Child O'Mine” – Guns N' Roses. ...
  • “Scream and Shout” – Will.I.Am & Brittney Spears. ...
  • “Santeria” – Sublime.
11 Oct 2022

What is Celine Dion's hardest song to sing? ›

'All By Myself' of @Celine Dion is one of the hardest songs to sing | PART 1 COMPILATION.

Who has the most 1 billion streamed songs? ›

Ed Sheeran

What is the most streamed song in the world 2022? ›

Top Songs on Spotify in 2022
  • 1. “ As It Was” by Harry Styles.
  • 2. “ Heat Waves” by Glass Animals.
  • 3. “ STAY (with Justin Bieber)” by The Kid LAROI.
  • 4. “ Me Porto Bonito” by Bad Bunny feat. Chencho Corleon.
  • 5. “ Tití Me Preguntó” by Bad Bunny.
7 Dec 2022

What is the number 1 most streamed album? ›

÷ (Deluxe)

What song is played at every funeral? ›

The most requested song for a traditional funeral service is “Amazing Grace,” a Christian folk hymn written by English poet John Newton. Many find the message of forgiveness and redemption a beautiful tribute to the mercy of God.

What is a happy song for a funeral? ›

Uplifting funeral and memorial songs

If you want to raise everyone's spirits, play one of these uplifting memorial songs: “Simply the Best” by Tina Turner. “Always Look at the Bright Side of Life” by Monty Python. “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

What song makes you feel the most powerful? ›

songs that you feel powerful
  1. BelieverImagine Dragons.
  2. Glitter & GoldBarns Courtney.
  3. you should see me in a crownBillie Eilish.
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What song has the best message? ›

17 Best Meaningful Songs With A Message Or Life Advice
  • “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.
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  • “Hey Jude” by The Beatles, Another Song With Meaning.
  • “Firework” by Katy Perry.
  • “Let It Be” by The Beatles.

What can I say instead of I love You? ›

How do I say “I love you” without saying it in a text?
  • “Smiling so much today just thinking of you”
  • “Just wanted to thank you for being you :)”
  • “I hope you know how much you mean to me”
  • “I'm so glad you're in my life!”
  • “You are so amazing!”
  • “You mean so much to me”
  • Send a sweet GIF.
  • Send a romantic song.
10 Feb 2014

What are 5 ways to say I love you? ›

Classic ways to say “I love you”
  • I love you. Sweet, simple and easy to remember. ...
  • I'm in love with you. This phrase is a bit more intense than the simple, “I love you”. ...
  • You're the love of my life. ...
  • I love you to the moon and back. ...
  • I'm crazy about you. ...
  • I'm head over heels for you. ...
  • You're my other half. ...
  • I will always love you.
10 Nov 2022

What is the strongest way to say I love you? ›

Either way, here are a few ways to say “I love you” to your bae to help you express your feelings.
  • I love you.
  • I love so much.
  • I love you a lot.
  • I love you too.
  • I love you forever.
  • I love you unconditionally.
  • I love you to the moon and back.
  • I love you with all my heart.
20 Mar 2022

How do you tell someone you deeply love them? ›

With words:
  1. "I love you."
  2. "My feelings for you are deepening, and I am starting to fall in love with you."
  3. "You mean the world to me, and I appreciate you in my life."
  4. "I can't imagine you not being in my life."
  5. "I want to share more and more of my life with you every day."
8 Jul 2022

What songs literally means loving feeling? ›

"Rasa Sayange" literally "loving feeling") or"Rasa Sayange" is a folk song from Maluku popular in Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Which song is best to impress a guy? ›

29 BEST Love Songs For Him – Dedicate These To Your Boyfriend
  • “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None The Richer.
  • “Wow” by Kylie Minogue.
  • “Thank God I Found You” by Mariah Carey.
  • “Heartbeat” by Carrie Underwood.
  • “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.
  • “What A Girl Wants” by Christina Aguilera.
  • “When I Found You” by Britney Spears.

What song spent the longest in the top 10? ›

1 “Heat Waves” is now solely the longest charting song in the list's 64-year history, as it tallies a record-breaking 91st week on the latest Oct.

Who has most #1 hits? ›

1 singles by a solo artist. Mariah Carey (USA) has topped the US Billboard Hot 100 singles chart on 19 different occasions.

Who has the most top 10 hits? ›

An elite 12 artists have achieved top 10 placements on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart in four or more decades, led by Andy Williams and Michael Jackson, with top 10 ranks in five decades each.

What music touches your heart and soul? ›

Classical music touches human's heart and soul, make him better, give him ideas and peace. Why churches like classical music so much? Because it helps to find the connection with God.

What is a good love song from a woman to a man? ›

These romantic songs were the favorites and most suggested:

“A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri. “My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme from Titanic)” by Céline Dion. “A Moment Like This” by Kelly Clarkson. “Love Story” by Taylor Swift.

What is the best song to say I miss you? ›

Listen here.
  • Beyoncé, "I Miss You" ...
  • Drake, "Marvins Room" ...
  • The Rolling Stones, "Miss You" ...
  • Robyn, "Missing U" ...
  • The Beatles, "For No One" ...
  • Cynthia Erivo, "Fly Before You Fall" ...
  • Incubus, "I Miss You" ...
  • Bill Withers, "Ain't No Sunshine"
17 May 2022

What are the 5 most recorded songs of all time? ›

Here's 5 of the most covered songs in history
  • “Yesterday” by The Beatles. ...
  • “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. ...
  • “(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction” by The Rolling Stones: ...
  • “My Way” by Frank Sinatra. ...
  • “Over the Rainbow” by Harold Arlen and Yip Harburg, sung by Judy Garland.
24 Mar 2022

What are the top 3 songs of all time? ›

Top 10 Best Songs of All Time
  • 1 Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen. ...
  • 2 Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin. ...
  • 3 Imagine - John Lennon. ...
  • 4 Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana. ...
  • 5 One - Metallica. ...
  • 6 Hotel California - Eagles. ...
  • 7 Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd. ...
  • 8 Hey Jude - The Beatles.

Who is Adele's favorite singer? ›

Fast-forward: She'll wrap up her current American tour on June 28 by sharing the Hollywood Bowl stage with her idol, original blues diva Etta James. "She's my favorite singer," says Adele.

Is Celine Dion the best singer of all time? ›

Noted for her powerful and technically skilled vocals, Dion is the best-selling Canadian recording artist, and the best-selling French-language artist of all time. Her music has incorporated genres such as pop, rock, R&B, gospel, and classical music.
Celine Dion.
Céline Dion CC OQ
13 more rows

Who is Selena Gomez's favorite singer? ›

Some of her favorite musical artists include Fall Out Boy, Christina Aguilera and her friend Vanessa Hudgens. She is good friends with her Ramona and Beezus co-star Joey King. Joey says, "Selena and I were like real sisters on set. She's one of the sweetest people I ever met.

Which singer has the deepest voice in the world? ›

Tim Storms (born August 28, 1972) is an American singer and composer. He holds the Guinness World Record for both the "lowest note produced by a human" and the "widest vocal range".

Who is the deepest voice singer? ›

Since 2012, Tim Storms has held the world record for the lowest ever vocal note – that's a deliciously gravelly G -7 (0.189 Hz), which is eight octaves below the lowest G on the piano.

Who sold the most copies of I Will Always Love You? ›

With 20 million copies sold it became the best-selling single of all time by a female solo artist. Houston won the Grammy Award for Record of the Year in 1994 for "I Will Always Love You".
Whitney Houston version.
"I Will Always Love You"
ReleasedNovember 3, 1992
GenrePop soul R&B
12 more rows

Who is the best singer of love songs? ›

Love Songs Artists
  • Diego Verdaguer. 32,866 listeners. ...
  • Tochi Raina. 13,554 listeners. ...
  • Ric Segreto. 10,839 listeners. ...
  • Mayo. 11,464 listeners. ...
  • Amber Leigh. 236 listeners. ...
  • Rozni wykonawcy. 3,713 listeners. ...
  • Daniel C. 4,975 listeners. ...
  • Tres de Copas. 4,159 listeners.

Who was the first artist to sing the greatest love of all? ›

It was originally recorded in 1977 by George Benson, who made the song a substantial hit, peaking at number two on the US Hot Soul Singles chart that year, the first R&B chart top-ten hit for Arista Records.

What is the hardest Celine Dion song to sing? ›

All By Myself” by Celine Dion

“All By Myself” is another difficult song to sing because of its range. Celine Dion hits some extremely high notes in this song that require a lot of vocal control.

What is the most profitable song of all time who wrote it? ›

According to Guinness World Records, Irving Berlin's "White Christmas" (1942) as performed by Bing Crosby is the best-selling single worldwide, with estimated sales of over 50 million copies.

What is the biggest selling soundtrack of all time? ›

Music History's #1 Soundtrack: The Bodyguard

Since its release in 1992, the soundtrack (officially titled Whitney Houston: I Wish You Love More from the Bodyguard) has clinched several accolades: Become the #1 best-selling movie soundtrack of all time, making it into the Guinness Book of World Records.

What is the most popular love song today? ›

Current R&B Love Songs
  • Khalid – Better.
  • The Weeknd – Call Out My Name.
  • Alicia Keys – If I Ain't Got You.
  • Lauryn Hill – Cant Take My Eyes Off Of You.
  • Usher – Here I Stand.
  • K-Ci &JoJo – All My Life.
  • Jagged Edge – Let's Get Married.
  • Adele – Make You Feel My Love.
14 Sept 2022

Who is the king of romantic song? ›

Hailed as the king of romance, Shah Rukh Khan lent his characters a deep sense of dignity and empathy.

Who sang the longest note ever? ›

American singer/songwriter Shawn Phillips made a continuous sound for 40 seconds on the track “Planned “O””, from his 1973 studio album Bright White, but the note has an ascending pitch and has been discounted (see below).

Who is the legendary singer of all time? ›

The 10 Best Singers of All Time
1Michael JacksonPop, Soul, Funk, R&B, Rock, Disco, & Dance
2Stevie WonderSoul, Pop, R&B, Funk, & Jazz
3Marvin GayeSoul, R&B, Funk, Pop, & Jazz
4Freddie MercuryHard Rock, Music Hall, Glitter, & Prog Rock
6 more rows
31 May 2022

Which singer has the sweetest voice in the world? ›

The greatest singing voices of all time
  • 1 of 31. Barbra Streisand. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for BSB. ...
  • 2 of 31. Etta James. Charles Paul Harris/Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images. ...
  • 3 of 31. Aretha Franklin. ...
  • 4 of 31. Whitney Houston. ...
  • 5 of 31. Mariah Carey. ...
  • 6 of 31. Elton John. ...
  • 7 of 31. Freddie Mercury. ...
  • 8 of 31. Adele.
2 days ago

What is the deepest note ever sung? ›

According to Guinness World Records the lowest note ever sung is the F sharp three semi-tones above the note in Mealor's De Profundis. The record was set by George Menees in 2010 (see video).


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Introduction: My name is Kareem Mueller DO, I am a vivacious, super, thoughtful, excited, handsome, beautiful, combative person who loves writing and wants to share my knowledge and understanding with you.