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Monica of Brooklyn, NY Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 11, 2022

When my father died two years ago myself and my mother took over the mortgage. We worked with Specialized Loan Servicing to find the account information to keep mortgage paid on the house. We sent them documents verifying that my dad, the original borrower, was deceased and for all communication regarding the account to go through us. A few weeks ago SLS sent us documents regarding a lapse in homeowners insurance which was inaccurate.

Upon providing proof that we have homeowners insurance (SLS acknowledged receiving said proof which was a certificate from the insurance company) SLS then sent a letter saying that they would charge us $1518 for this made up period without insurance. When I called to try to understand why they were doing this multiple customer service associates said I was not authorized to discuss the account. They asked me to put my husband on the phone, I told them I do not have have a husband. Then they asked me to put the account holder, my dad, on the phone and I explained to them, again, that my dad has been deceased for years.

We have provided his death certificate, my parents' marriage license to confirm that my mom can access account information and even my information as their child and person who has kept the house paid up to now. They refuse to acknowledge any of this and I don’t know what to do. My dad’s house, financed through this awful company, is one of the few things we have left to remember him and it more than hurts to have to deal with SLS’ ineptitude and cruelty in how they’ve dealt with us. I’m at wits' end.

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Top 497 Specialized Loan Servicing Reviews (2)

Cammi of Frisco, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Sept. 14, 2022

We have been patiently working with this company to receive account updates and missing payments applied for over 45 days. For documentation purposes, we call and email every day for assistance. We were told two weeks ago that we would receive a call back from a Supervisor in 24 hours. It's been two weeks. We call customer service every day and are told this is an attempt to collect a debt and the conversation is never resolved. The customer service team does not know how to handle each call based on the needs. They rehearse a script and lack of knowledge to handle case by case. We are still waiting for a resolution to move forward. The stress and frustration are unacceptable. We do not feel like valued consumers.

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Top 497 Specialized Loan Servicing Reviews (3)

Reach of Washington, DC Verified Reviewer

Original review: Aug. 30, 2022

My mom is deceased and I accidentally set up auto pay with MY information and to get it taken off I had to submit death cert, MY DL and other documents. They took the mortgage out on Aug 11 automatically, BUT they also charged me a 7.50 fee even though it wasn’t paid VIA phone. I believe they are STEALING 7.50 and won’t refund me because they said I don’t have auto pay! I DID have auto pay which y’all took off because I sent in all that information. This place is corrupt and the guy that offered to set up auto pay after I told him this whole story AGAIN, must’ve been high, cause he sounded like he didn’t even know he was alive. He put me hold and then forgot who he came back to. Unacceptable! I’m glad my mortgage isn’t handled by this incompetent company!

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Top 497 Specialized Loan Servicing Reviews (4)

Sheri of Cleveland, OH Verified Reviewer

Original review: June 28, 2022

This ties back from Wells Fargo who sold my husband's account to this fraudulent group. They are a third party debt collection agency. They do not give loans nor do they refinance. They lied to us and did not tell us that they were debt collectors until we already started making payments which is trickery and that is illegal! Their story keeps changing. I have received many letters from them claiming that they use our payments to help other neighbors. I guess that’s why we never built any equity after 15 years of paying. They have no records and are unorganized unprofessionals. This group is operating independently outside of the central bank. Everyone says that the central bank is greedy. But why would a central bank sell a mortgage to a third party group? Does anyone ever think to ask these questions? They breached it. Or someone dirty and shady in Wells Fargo is working a little side business fraud.

The president of SLS’s name happens to be Toby Wells only I don’t think he even exists! I think it’s a made up name! Hence Tony Wells of Wells Fargo. The photos of an image these people use to represent this company are photoshopped because these people would never show their real faces in public with so many mad at them. It’s all fake! They’re just hackers. The part that is even more unfair is that these practices don’t care that your home is falling apart and needs repairs done desperately. They just want to keep charging you. Eating up your finances. It’s a stupid system. So either way, you lose your home whether it be foreclose or condemned.

I will not pay this group another dime. They stopped sending statements and all the sudden they sent one and their number figures are way off. I will not cooperate with them nor comply with them anymore. I do not care about their cheap threats. They already sent out a group of troublemakers to my area and fired guns off to try to intimidate people out from their homes and no one cared about that. No police came. If no one cares about bullying or harassment like this, then they shouldn’t care that people stop paying for a home that is falling apart. I will not pay this group nor any other mortgage company again because I feel that they stole our equity and they don’t help anyone but their self. We will fix our own home and we are keeping it! I will not comply with any threats!

We paid for this house out of our own pockets. There was never a loan given to begin with and SLS most certainly cannot provide the original note. My husband and I have all the original documents, title to the house and deed. All the original paperwork. Fraud from the beginning but this group takes the cake. I’m tired of the death threats that were suggested to me even when I was paying. I’m tired of breaches, trolling, identity theft, fraud, gang stalking, being watched over my shoulder every time I shop online when it’s none of anyone's business how we choose to spend our money! I’m sick of hackers! If you're a hacker, why don’t you hack in favor of the victims for once and destroy fraud companies like SLS? Oh Karma and Justice! Where are you? We need change.

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Top 497 Specialized Loan Servicing Reviews (5)

Original review: June 3, 2022

They bought my home equity loan, then stuck me with a balloon payment provision. When I tried to continue just paying a normal amount instead of the last 20% all at once, they went through a charade procedure with massive privacy infringement and back and forth, then rejected the claim. I am glad that I wasted my time wasting their time, because I want their business to fail. That's how a just world works. If an SLS employee is reading this, please know that your employment is temporary and you work for an employer that will fail, because that's what happens to companies like yours. Get out now, or at least admit to yourself that you are also a terrible human being, and enjoy working for a terrible company.

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Top 497 Specialized Loan Servicing Reviews (6)

Lauren of Austin, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 31, 2022

They will continue charge you after your loan has been transferred to another provider. Then make it impossible to contact them for help or support because you are no longer a customer (technically, even though they continue to take your money). This is not a stand-up company, this should be illegal.

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Top 497 Specialized Loan Servicing Reviews (7)

Ronnie of Beaverton, OR Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 17, 2022

I am so thankful to refinance my home and get away from Specialized Loan Servicing. They prey on hardworking citizens. I am sure the executives of this company are reaping the benefits of all of money they have robbed from countless customers.

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Aurum of Sparks, NV Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 6, 2022

My HELOC was sold and service was transferred from Cenlar, where I never had an issue, to SLS that has done nothing right yet. The first thing they did was double bill me for interest including a month before they took over the own that had already been paid to Cenlar. This scam works when people don't audit their statements. The interest doubled and the principal went almost to zero so many may not even notice since the total monthly payment remains the same. They also added a "Past Due" fee of $785. I sent them copies of my statements showing there had never been any $785 fee.

This was 4 months ago and when I called today for the third time they said they just received my dispute yesterday. I had to cancel automatic payments so they'd stop stealing $785 from my checking account. That raised my interest rate 0.25% so now I'm overpaying interest until this is resolved. These are not some simple mistakes, this is their business strategy to bilk customers. I believe this is embezzlement and I'll be filing a criminal complaint with my state attorney general.

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Grace of Madera, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: May 3, 2022

If you are searching for a mortgage company DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. They are indescribable. Their customer service is non-existent. They do not respond to account inquiries. They do not return phone calls or written requests. They do not care about the customers. They are only out for their bottom line and your family home does not matter to them. When you do call you are transferred multiple times and given different answers by each representative -- nobody knows the correct answers! I would not recommend to my worst enemy. They restructure loans without homeowners consent or knowledge causing negative impacts on your credit score -- I personally experienced. I truly believe they are a participant in illegal and unfair lending practices and should not be in business. They do not deserve even 1 star. On my final call I was lucky enough to speak with Caitlyn and she was friendly, as well as knowledgeable.

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Top 497 Specialized Loan Servicing Reviews (10)

Steve of Suffolk, VA Verified Reviewer

Original review: March 29, 2022

I paid off my mortgage in March of 2021. I have come to find out in March of 2022 when I am selling my home that this company NEVER filed a release of lien with the city of Suffolk, Va. So I am under contract and the title will not clear. I have made multiple phone calls and get a different story each time. I am now forced to hire an attorney to sue SLS in order to get them to get my recorded certificate of satisfaction so I may sell my home. I would avoid this company like the plague. They are not trustworthy and their customer service is terrible.

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